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Other Local Partnerships

Tri-State Canine Response Team partners with various local community groups to provide comfort and support in times of need and work on various service projects throughout the year.

Please contact us if you would like a visit,  have a special project that you would like us to partner with you on or if you need for our crisis response services.

Scout Troops 

We partner with local Scout troops on a variety of projects. As part of our Boarding Home Outreach Project, the Girl Scouts make art works and present them to the residents at various holidays. They also have collected needed clothing, such as socks, and presented them to the residents as gifts. Tri-State members love attending their "crossing over" ceremony to celebrate their successes. The Boy Scouts held a popcorn drive to collect money to sponsor one of our dogs.

In collaboration with a Girl Scout Troop we conducted a "Letters of Love" campaign. The Girl Scouts collected thank you letters to  front line workers that were made into a large banner  that was displayed at various sites. 

If you have a Scout  project that you would like us to partner with you on, please give us a call.

Medical Examiners Office

During Covid, it became apparent that our Medical Examiners Office staff were a forgotten group who had given so much of themselves during the pandemic. We continue to visit on a regular basis to provide a much needed break from the extreme nature of their jobs. It is a small action on our part to thank them for the work that they do every day. If you know of or are part of a behind the scenes medical team that you would like us to partner with you on, please give us a call.

Traumatic Loss Coalition (TLC)

Several of Tri-State Canine Response Team Members are also part of the Traumatic Loss Coalition (TLC) for Camden, Gloucester and Burlington Counties Lead Response Team. When a traumatic event or loss occurs within the school community, we respond with our canines adding another level of support to the school community.


Mega Vaccine Centers

During Covid vaccine roll-out, we partnered with several Mega Vaccine Centers to provide comfort and support to the people who were getting vaccinated as well as the staff members who were working at the site. Many of the employees were stationed away from their families for several months at a time. Our teams visited the centers several times per week over several months so a strong relationship was developed between the staff members and their "favorite" canines which provided comfort while they were away from their families and pets.

Local Disaster Response

Disasters can happen anywhere, even in our own backyard. Recently when tornados ripped through communities in our area, we partnered with various agencies to help with the resiliency of the community. Under the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), we partnered with NJ Disaster Response Crisis Counselors (NJ-DRCC) and the Traumatic Loss Coalition (TLC). We also partner with Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and participate in disaster drills.


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