K-9 Response Team
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Jack is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
He loves to be pet and thinks everyone should love him!. He is a Haddonfield School Ambassador Dog.
In addition, he visits Lourdes Crisis Screening Center, Youth Consultative Services with Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, works with a local hospice organization, and The Mental Health Association.

Likes: Sports, Fetch, Treats
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Rusty is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
He is a Haddonfield School Ambassador Dog.
Loving to give to and get attention from anyone around hi, Rusty makes anyone that meets him smile! He is a definite "gentleman, patient and polite, waiting his turn to be petted and talked to, expressing interest with everyone that wants to spend time with him. It is no surprise that Rusty is asked back to various facilities.

Likes: Booty scratches, Bully sticks and being pet!!
Dislikes: When there is nobody to pet him!!
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Henry is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team and a Haddonfield School Ambassador Dog
He works at a Woman's Shelter, Lourdes Crisis Screening Center, Operation Yellow Ribbon, a reading program at the Moorestown Library, and with youth victims of human trafficking

Likes: Long Walks, Snuggling, Bones, and Play dates with friends
Dislikes: When he is not being petted!
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Cassie is a 7 year old female chocolate lab, rescued from a puppy mill breeding farm.
She has been a certified therapy dog for 3 years. She has been going to Neighborhood Hospice, an inpatient unit.
And recently, making visits to the Chester County Hospital whose Pet Therapy Program has just been initiated.
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Henny is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
She currently volunteers at local nursing homes. Don't let her looks fool you, Henny is a snuggle bunny, she will melt like butter into you!

Likes: Snuggling, Running, Treats
Dislikes: Being left alone
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Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is a Crisis Response Team member who may be recognized from her part in the movie “Train wreck” or her advertising with Stewart Wiseman shoes. When not working on TV she has been busy receiving her titles in AKC UDX and RE, UKC U-OCH, RO2 and CH, Canadian KC CD.

Peggi Sue has a playful side and loves her ball and visiting with 1st graders in the “Read to a Dog” program. One of her favorite visitations is to Bensalem High School to work with special needs children.
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Beemer is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team
Beemer is small dog with a big heart. When Beemer was younger he had to have surgery on both legs to rebuild his kneecaps. He can walk, run and jump like all the other doggies, but rides in a stroller to make it easier on him.
He visits nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals, schools, Alex's Lemonade Stand, brain injury center in Cherry Hill, and youth centers.

Likes: Being pet and playing with his stuffed animals
Dislikes: When someone stops petting him!
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Visa is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
Visa is a sweet mellow dog who enjoys attention. Her original intended job was to be a guide dog, but due to a concern with her eye, her career changed to therapy dog work. No worries, her eye turned out to be fine.
Visa visits Jefferson Hospital, Haddonfield and other libraries, schools, nursing homes, and other places too.

Likes: Food, walks, and running in open fields
Dislikes: swimming and wet grass
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Tiberius (TY)

TY is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
He is a pitbull / boxer mix. He lives at home with three other rescued dogs. He frequently visits senior living facilities, grade schools, Voorhees Pediatric Facility, libraries, Lourdes Crisis Screening Center, Youth Consultation Services and homeless shelters.

Likes: Any kind of treat, playing with his three pals, sleeping in his favorite chair and visiting people.
Dislikes: When his pals try to take his toys.
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Rocky is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
Where they visit-
Rocky visits students at Rutgers University - Camden and children at the Cherry Hill library Where they were rescued from- He was rescued from Southeastern PA Boxer rescue when he was 1.5

Likes: He loves being pet, doing the boxer wiggle, getting treats from his human sister, walks and snuggles
Dislikes: Rain
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Star is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
He is a Haddonfield School Ambassador Dog, visits Lourdes Crisis Screening Center, participates in Faust Elementary School's Reading to the Dogs Program, and visits schools and 4H groups with Lower Bucks Dog Training Club's Canines with Class.
Star also competes in obedience and rally shows.

Likes: making people happy
Dislikes: not being with people
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Minnie is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
Minnie has visits nursing homes, rehab and acute care facilities as well as Assistant living senior housing.

Likes: Being Held, children and kitty cats.
Dislikes: Snow and lightening.
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Morgan is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
She loves to play with her doggie friends She has visits many nursing homes, schools, hospitals and private homes.

Likes: To be petted.
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Kelsey is a member of the K-9 Crisis Response Team.
She is a 5 year old golden retriever. She loves kids reading to her. She visits Springfield Twp. School in Jobstown, NJ every Wednesday morning where several special needs students read to her, pet her and play with her. She also visits the Burlington County Library and Camp Sun n Fun in the summer time.

Likes: Swimming and Retrieving her bumper, agility, and rally obedience
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Alma is a member of the K- 9 Crisis Response Team.
She has been a working therapy dog since she was 18 mos. old. We are a working team with Caring Hospice Services and we visit several different nursing homes in the South Jersey area as well as the Veteran's Hospital in Vineland. In addition, we visit developmentally challenged young adults in the TOPS program.

Likes: Canine Scent Work, avid watcher of the Westminster Dog Show, loves people, and dressing up in costumes that her Mom makes her!
Dislikes: Having her temperature taken at the vet....and who can blame her!
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Gunther is a member of the K- 9 Crisis Response Team.
Along with achieving his Therapy Dog Registration Gunther has attained his CD (AKC Companion Dog), Rally Novice, Advanced, and Excellent Titles, CGC, and ATTS (American Temperament Test Society certification).
Gunther enjoys joining his Tri-State K-9 partners during their many visits.
Gunther is a favorite at AtlantiCare where he is beloved by the many nurses that he has befriended.

Likes: He loves his long treks through the woods and swims in the pool. He particularly appreciates the affection from his Trauma nurses who pamper him often.
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Tess is a member of the k-9 Crisis Response Team.
Tess and her four siblings were rescued from a kill shelter in Ohio and brought to a New Jersey foster group where they were all quickly adopted into loving homes. Tess is a gentle soul and has an uncanny ability to read peoples emotions and loves “going to work” as a therapy dog.

Likes: Getting lots of love and belly rubs from people of all ages. She loves to be with other dogs while working with Tri-State or just playing in the yard with friends.
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Denton was born and trained to be a seeing eye guide dog, but ear infections resulted in a career change for him and he became a therapy dog. Growing up, he had lots of experience helping his mom at her school counseling job. He now lives at home with his brother who is another seeing eye dog in training.
Denton visits several schools where he enjoys having the students walk and pet him. He also visits Rowan University and Stockton University and the Veterans Home.

Likes: food, walks, therapy visits, playing and swimming with his friends and going to the beach.
Dislikes: having a new seeing eye puppy move into his home, and bite and chew on him and take his toys.
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Seriously (known as Seri to her friends) is a miniature wire haired dachshund. From the day that we found her at a local shopping plaza, she has always been a fun and loving puppy. She would come with her mom to the gym everyday. Everyone loved to pet her and we knew she would be a wonderful therapy dog. With some precise training, Seri is now a therapy dog visiting nursing centers, schools and libraries, and is trying to be on the crisis response team.

Likes: being read to and playing with children, swimming, hunting, treats and pizza.
Dislikes: when her three brothers and sisters steal her toys, taking a bath.
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CeCe is a member of Tri-State Caring K-9’s.
She is a three year old golden retriever from Woodlyn Golden Retrievers in Shamong NJ. She visits with 8 group homes from Youth Consultation Services, reads to the children at the Cherry Hill Library, is a School Ambassador at Tatem Elementary and Haddonfield Central School and visits the Psychiatric wards at Lourdes Medical Center in Willingboro NJ.
When not lending a helping paw CeCe enjoys playing with Jack, chasing tennis balls and squirrels in the backyard and playing ping pong.

Dislikes: Not being able to go to work every day.
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Skeeter is a 6 1/2 year old golden retriever . She is super smart, and very loveable. She is one of the 5 Goldens in our house. In addition to therapy work she does some obedience, loves field work and swimming.
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Dexter was raised in the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut as part of the "Puppies Behind Bars" program. He was released from the program because he did not like sniffing for bombs. Being a therapy dog suits Dexter much better!
Dexter visits Temple Hospital, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, local colleges and universities, and local libraries.

Likes: food, his blue hippo stuffed animal, sneaking onto the living room couch
Dislikes: conflict, getting his nails trimmed.
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Kili is a silver and white parti poodle and one of 5 poodles in our home. Kili is the clown of the bunch and yet she is sweet like sugar and very obedient. Her name is actually "Kilimanjaro" which means "mountain of greatness", and over the years has become synonymous with exotic. She is so named because right before we got her, my children summited Mt. Kilimanjaro and we all thought it was a fitting name to honor a momentous challenge. Kili lives up to her name as she is exotic looking and shows her greatness when she tries to comfort those who are sad or anxious or in pain. We look forward to a wonderful career for Kili as a "Caring Canine"
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Pascal is a Doberman and we think he is 8 years old. We got him when he was about 11 months as a rescue. He was certified as a therapy dog in 2011 and he has been doing visits for neighborhood hospice thru Penn Medicine since then. He lives with a Westie, a rescue, and a Lurcher, Tucker. The Westie, Bonnie, is also a therapy dog.

Likes: anything to eat. His greatest reward is to be petted and he will solicit pets from anyone who walks past him.

Dislikes: not much
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Cabernet is a very bright 6 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She has her Canine Good Citizen and Alliance of Therapy Dog Certifications. She has enjoyed working with the Tri-State Canine Response Teams especially her pals with “paws” while “em” “bark” ing on her new profession on the Crisis Response Team.

She loves meeting people and quickly wins them over with her sweet disposition. Cabernet is very calm and gentle making it easy for people to become relaxed in her presence.

She is most at peace while hiking in the woods and exploring all that nature has to offer. Even though her breed was originally used to hunt for lions in Africa...her favorite thing to hunt for is the food in her bowl.
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Boltzmann is a long-haired mini dachshund. He is an unusual color - a cream brindle. When he was born, there was an injury to his left ear and it is only half the size of his other ear. It doesn't bother him and he is active and happy. He has earned his Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen-Urban. He loves to be outside and hunt in the woods. He loves to do therapy work especially with children.

Like: Twizzlers
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Raven is a two year old male Goldendoodle. He has over 200 therapy visits with Veterans, Assisted Living and loves all people. He is a great “Lap Dog. He is certified with Bright and beautiful and is a AKC, Excellent Therapy Dog as well as an AKC Canine Good Citizen. He also loves watching “The Dog Whisper”.
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Nugget is a four year old male Goldendoodle. He has over 300 therapy visits with Veterans, Assisted Living and loves all people. He is a great “Lap Dog”. He is certified with Bright and beautiful and is a AKC, Excellent Therapy Dog as well as an AKC Canine Good Citizen. He has three cats and a Chihuahua as brothers and sisters that he loves, most of the time.
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No, Exon isn’t named after the oil company. Exon (British): One of four yeomen of the guard who act as commanding officers in the absence of higher authority. While Exon isn’t really a take charge kind of guy, he will take charge of your heart. Exon is a 2 year old Black Labrador Retriever. He is gentle, sweet, fun-loving guy who doesn’t like to swim, he won’t even step in a puddle! Exon was a Seeing Eye Guide Dog and has recently changed careers. Exon is happy to go anywhere and do anything especially if it involves people and attention for him.
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Gus is a member of Tri-State Caring K9s.
He is just over a year old and is a German Shepard / Siberian Husky / Alaskan Malamute mix. He was born in Waco Texas and came to us by why of a K9 tractor trailer. Gus is still developing his personality but he is extremely calm and friendly. Gus lives with three other shelter dogs and loves getting them to play with him.
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Mallie is a 3 year old chocolate lab rescued from Louisiana. She has been doing therapy work since September 2016 at Inpatient Hospice and recently at Chester County Hospital. She has also been in training for Search/Trailing since April 2016.
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Bronte is a Yellow Labrador Retriever who was born near Sydney, Australia. She was named after a beautiful beach called Bronte Beach. She enjoys adventures such as hiking trails, walking (and smelling) the city street... but most of all she loves going swimming in the ocean. Her calm nature and empathic approach make her a wonderful emotional support dog, especially for children and young adults. So, as a member of the Tri-State Canine Response Team she visits schools, colleges, and libraries.